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7 Effective Ways For Freelancers To Be the “Go To GUY” for the Clients

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You should always believe in making long term relations irrespective of if or not they are going to fetch you big profits, small profits or no profits. You should value time and if You have invested time in building a relation ( apply it to your personal life as well ) then you should not just let it go. It’s like planting a seed and then watching it growing into a tree – needs constant care and nurture. And later or sooner you would see the benefits of the time and effort you have put into building the relation.

When I started as an individual freelancer, I always intended to be the ‘Go To Guy’ for my clients so that whenever they need any technical assistance, the first name on their mind should be mine. A ‘Go To Guy’ is someone who has experience and expertise in a particular field and is available for help work whenever their is a need. Being a reliable freelancer helped me keep busy with work and handle my monthly expenses from the earnings I made.

Many SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) require someone to handle their technical needs so that they can focus on the business side of their enterprise.That’s where they come in on freelancing platforms and Social Media and start looking for skilled freelancers to assist them. You would mostly find business owners looking for skills like

  1. Website Design
  2. Logo Design
  3. Branding
  4. Content Writing
  5. Ad Campaign Management
  6. Mobile App Development
  7. Market Research
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Virtual Assistant
  10. Graphics Designer
    and literally a never-ending list of skills that is required by different businesses.

Now that’s a HUGE Opportunity for Freelancers who can offer any one or multiple skills to their clients.

Here is how YOU can be the ‘Go to Guy’ for Your Clients :

1) Be Super Active on Communication

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Provide daily updates or if it’s a small piece of work provide updates two times a day. Communication is the most important decision maker if you have to be re-hired by the same employer. Many freelancers fail on this badly and that’s why have fewer returning clients or no long term clients.

2) Demonstrate Your Expertise and Experience

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If you can do the task in more than one way, make the client aware and walk him through the available options. You would see that the client would really appreciate that you are providing him options to choose from.

3) Do NOT Over Commit and Under Deliver

Make realistic promises and make sure you deliver high quality work.

4) Play Multiple Roles

Even if you have been hired to do a particular job for the client – find ways to assist the client outside the scope of work as well. For instance , you have been hired for content writing and you got to know from a previous client conversation that he is struggling to find someone who can do a logo design for him – Offer the client to assist and find him a logo designer from your network or guide the client to a channel where he can find logo designers.

5) Take the Extra Mile

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For instance, stretch a few hours if needed to meet the deadline or take that important Skype call late night or early morning because of the timezone difference. But make sure when you take the extra mile ( do something beyond the expectations and scope of the project ) you must make the client aware of it so that your additional efforts do not go unnoticed.

6) Build a Relationship

build relationships with clients

Don’t just talk about the project all the time – get to know the client and make him informed about important events happening in your life or city.
Interesting conversations always help and you won’t find working on a project boring.

7) Keep Constant Touch

When the client project is over – you should still keep touch (without bothering) and have casual chit chats once or twice a month. These little chit chats would also be an opportunity to probe the client for future work.

So, Here Were the 7 Effective Ways of How You Can Be the “Go To GUY” for Your Clients. Remember, A Skilled and Reliable Freelancer is always a best bet when compared to just a skilled freelancer.

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