What is Success With Freelancing?

♦️What is ‘Success with Freelancing’ ?♦️ There have been several queries regarding the purpose of the group and the event we have on 9th June so I’m writing a little detail to... Read more »
lost freelancing project

Got Fired from a Freelancing Project

Got Fired from a Job/ Freelancing Project 😏😏 Was the client crazy ? NO Did I deserve getting fired ? YES What triggered it ? Poor Communication How much $$ loss ?... Read more »
success with freelancing

Giving up a $1000 WordPress website was not easy

Giving up a $1000 WordPress (BuddyPress) website was not easy on a Friday evening 😏😏 It’s Sunday morning and am I still worried about what I lost 2 days back ? –... Read more »
facebook story success with freelancing

Freelancers can bring the difference

One of the MAIN PURPOSE of this group is to FIX the reputation of Indian/Asian freelancers – If you too hate reading that sentence in the screenshot , Join me in the... Read more »
favebook success with freelamcing

BIG lessons in a small chat 🔥🔥

Lesson 1 👉If someone asks you “Can you do this?” – Answer in a way that clears all the doubts at once and instill confidence. Lesson 2 👉ALWAYS acknowledge emotions – If... Read more »
Optimised Freelancer.com Profiles

What you see is NOT what you get

It’s very easy to fake your personality online. But a real professional is not just professional during the working hours, it’s a quality deep inside you. Found this in one the other... Read more »
Project Budget Volume

What kind of Project you prefer $10 x 500 or 2 x $2500?

🔥Negotiating a $2k WordPress website on Upwork today🔥 Remember, the PROJECT BUDGET has nothing to do with the PROFITABILITY. A $5k project may end up in a loss for you – say... Read more »
type of clients in freelancing platforms

Look for these type of client’s If you want high value projects

🔥 Almost closing another $2500 website this week 🔥 Remember, you should look for these type of clients because they wouldn’t mind paying a premium price for on-time delivery and high-quality work.... Read more »
Freelancer.com scam clients

Have your ever spot a scam message on Freelancing Platform?

People get scammed all the time on the internet, but do you think it’s really the scammer to be blamed? Mostly, it’s a two-way agreement – the victim sees a sweet profit... Read more »
Freelance humor

Use of HUMOR is an effective way to grab the ATTENTION of Client

Humor is a great communication tool. 😄 I’m totally against the routine and boring ways to bid on projects. The one that starts with “Dear Sir/Madam..” and ends in “if given a chance... Read more »