Freelance Success Story

“How Zoha’s Side Gig Turned into Full Time Profession”

So we are back with our new Freelance Success Story of Zoha Umar, how she transformed her part-time income source into a full-time profession. In this interview, you will understand how freelancing transformed... Read more »
Freelance Success Stories

“Why Ravi quit his 8 year long Corporate Career to become a Freelancer”

This is an inspirational Freelance Success Story of Ravi Makwana who despite all types of financial stress, haven’t seen the job as an alternative and stays determined in his exciting journey of... Read more »
freelancing success story

He Started Freelancing at the Age of 16 and Now Owns 2 Online Venture

Age doesn’t matter when you have the will power to do something big and Sudais, a 17 year old boy is a perfect example for it. Even after Upwork suspended his account,... Read more »
freelance trainer

“The kind of flexibility and challenges I get in freelance projects were not present in any of the projects I did for the Industry”

He Failed But Never Gave Up. He Stood Back Again Strong and Succeeded. Failure is his motivation and his mantra for life is “Work hard and party harder“. He is Pritesh Srivastava, ... Read more »
interview with entreprenuer

How Mitali helped Housewives in India to make a living for themselves!

This is the story of an entrepreneur Mitali Kandhari, a Content writer, an Academic Consultant and Digital Marketer who when realized lack of opportunities for women aiming to earn a living for... Read more »
freelancer interview with parnika

“I decided to get out of the regular routine and do something more worthwhile.”

Freelancing is a journey to be embraced. If you think you have the ninja level self discipline, An Unquenchable Desire to Learn, Willingness to Accept Responsibility and A Strong Business-Sense, then freelancing is... Read more »
tabschool founder Harshpal

Interview With Harshpal Singh Khurana – Founder Of Tabschool

If you think life of an entrepreneur is easy as pie, my dear your are already mistaken. The life of the entrepreneur is full of uncertainty, fear and worry.  Thinking around entrepreneurship... Read more »
interview with jagruti mange

Story of a School Teacher who became a Successful Freelance Graphic Designer and Screen Painter

Freelancing is a roller coaster for most of us. It throws good and bad experiences throughout the journey. You never know what your freelancing career would throw next at you. You need... Read more »