fixed mindset vs growth mindset

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset – What Defines Your Success?

Ever realized what your success really depend on? Yes, It’s YOUR MINDSET. Your mindset greatly impacts your decision, your success, your failures and eventually your life. What is Mindset? Your mindset is... Read more »
workspace for freelancers

8 Productive Workspace for Freelancers

If you want to grow as a freelancer, the first and foremost challenge is to find the right workplace where you can work with full concentration and make best use of your... Read more »
benefits of freelancing

5 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Freelancing No One Will Tell You

Are you Sick of your 9-5 job and want to start your own thing? Do You have a passion that you can follow and earn at your best instead of recklessly working... Read more »
reliable freelancer

7 Effective Ways For Freelancers To Be the “Go To GUY” for the Clients

You should always believe in making long term relations irrespective of if or not they are going to fetch you big profits, small profits or no profits. You should value time and... Read more »
freelance courses for beginners

11 Top Notch Freelance Courses Every Beginner Should Enroll In!

Freelancing has become the talk of the hour. Statistics says, 1 out of every 5 person you meet is into freelancing and with the rising demand of freelancers in corporate world and... Read more »
success with freelancing chandigarh episode

[Event] Success With Freelancing – Chandigarh Episode

“Success With Freelancing – Chandigarh Episode was more than what I expected. It imparted me in-depth knowledge and amazing insights of freelancing”, reviewed one of the attendees of the event (since feedback... Read more »
youtube grow freelance career

Learn How YouTube Can Help In Winning More Projects On Upwork and Freelancer

Believe it, running a You Tube channel can help you in winning projects on Upwork and Freelancer. I started my You Tube channel last year, have just a few videos on the... Read more »
tips to set my freelance hourly rate

What should be my Freelance Hourly Rate as a New Freelancer?

Whenever we get into freelancing, the most important question that block our mind is what should be my Freelance Hourly Rate? or what should I charge to the clients as a new... Read more »
translation websites

5 Best Paying Websites For Translators You Can Sign Up Right Now

Starting as a freelance translator can be challenging enough. Finding the right clients, understanding the language structure, your client’s culture, cancelled jobs, payments issue and much more. Don’t loose hope. You need... Read more »
freelancing websites for designers

Genuine Freelancing Websites For Designers [2018 Update]

Graphic Designers have rapidly made their way to freelancing. Some graphic designers choose to be self-employed, working as freelancers either alone or in teams for projects on a contractual basis. No doubt,... Read more »