Do You Hold Freelancer Certification Exam on Read This Now!

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Do You hold Freelancer Certification Exam on

Or Have you ever appeared for Freelancer Test?

If Yes, then this news is for YOU.

Recently has realized that the exam certification freelancers hold don’t necessarily reflect the skills they have.

People who want to scam people cheat to pass the exam or it might be the case that people have simply forgotten that skill with the passage of time.

This causes employers to lose trust in exam certifications and means that the freelancers who legitimately hold them are not getting their full benefit.

Since The Freelancer Certification Exam system on is designed to

1. Allow freelancers to show that they are qualified in certain skills

2. Showcase their Skills

3. Add some credibility to their profile

which eventually will help them gain employers trust.

freelancer certification exam

But Some People are Misusing it.

To Avoid This, will begin expiring exams that freelancers have passed more than a year ago.

You will receive an email from stating which exam expires, along with instructions on how you can re-take the exam.

Each time one of your exams expires, you will be given one free opportunity to take the exam again and renew your certification.

The retake will be available from 1 month before the expiry date of your exam, until 1 month after the date of expiry – giving you plenty of time to brush up on your knowledge again, and retake it.

How Will This Affect Your Freelancing Career? has taken a big step towards refining its platform.

It will help employers choose the right freelancers for their work.

It will help freelancers to get the most out of the and make the best use of their exam certifications.


Never Rely on Freelancing Platforms to make your living. Upwork took a harsh step by suspending thousands of upwork accounts just in a day. can do it too. So BEWARE!

Wishing You Success With Freelancing!

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