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[Event] Success With Freelancing – Chandigarh Episode

success with freelancing chandigarh episode

“Success With Freelancing – Chandigarh Episode was more than what I expected. It imparted me in-depth knowledge and amazing insights of freelancing”, reviewed one of the attendees of the event (since feedback were anonymous)

The Event Success With Freelancing – Chandigarh Episode was hosted by Gaurav Nanda on 9th June 2018 at Workcave – A Coworking Space in Chandigarh. It was the first and foremost freelancing event organised for the freelancers of the Tricity by a freelancer itself to impart them knowledge about how to excel in their freelancing career. Freelancers who attended, left amazing feedbacks making the first event a Great Hit!


The event started at 10:10 A.M. by Welcoming all the freelancers and Greeting the Guest Speakers – Mrs. Mitali Kandhari, Mr. Abhinav Raj Kondal and Mr. Akash Dhillon.

guestspeakers at success with freelancing

Host Gaurav Nanda addressed all the freelancers and started by explaining the Purpose, Vision, Mission of Success With Freelancing and Why Is It The Need Of The Hour and also requested senior and experienced freelancers to take a step forward and extend their support in building a community, fresh and struggling freelancers can benefit from.

Carrying forward, Mr. Nanda introduced himself and shared bitter – sweet moments of his life and how freelancing changed his mindset and helped him establish GreatStart, his own company and grow it from an individual to a company of 10 members within just 10 Months. Quite Impressing, Isn’t It?

Then, the pre-recorded clip was played where clients shared their experiences with freelancers from all over the world and what qualities do they seek in before they hire a freelancer for their project. The interview answered various questions freelancers usually have and gave them better idea that what areas they should really work hard on to get immediate results!


After that, Our Guest Speaker Mrs Mitali took the stage. She shared her story of stepping into freelancing world, breaking the stereotypes of the society, switching many jobs and then finally start her own company “Content Writing Excellence”. Not stopping there, She changed the lives of many women in India, made them independent and helped them start their own venture. Not to forget, She even made her mother earn 1.5 Lacs per Month just by content writing. *Applauds* *Applauds* *Applauds*

Mr. Nanda then shared the Top Freelancing Mistakes Freelancers Make that result in downfall of their freelancing career.

success with freelaning top freelancer mistakes

It was 12:30 P.M by this time and attendees were offered some tasty snacks to freshen up and relax their minds. But freelancers got no chill and took this opportunity to ask questions and questions and questions. Great move freelancers!

After a short break, Mr. Abhinav, Our Second Guest Speaker and Managing Director at Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Private Limited took the stage and shared his experience in the freelancing field and how effortlessly they handle their client projects. He also shared a story of rabbit – tortoise(the extended version), which was fun to hear and true indeed.

Now was the time to disclose Most Important Section of the SessionWinning Strategies of $3500 Project in Just 20 Minutes. Attendees were glad how beautifully the lead was converted by just using few simple tricks. Amazing!

Now the stage called out for Mr. Akash, Co-founder of The Girafe, where he shared his life experiences and motivated the attendees to Never Give Up and Follow their Passion!

The Clock already ticked 2:30 P.M. (since event was scheduled to end at 1 P.M. but the keen interest of freelancers and their spark to learn made it just stretch) and Mr. Nanda decided to end the session skipping the very last topic but Freelancers wanted it!

The craze they had in listening to the wise words of Mr. Nanda and fellow guest speakers was no less. With kind permission of the attendees, Mr. Nanda continued with the session and shared the TOP ADVICE FOR FREELANCERS that can boost their freelancing career in no time. Attendees didn’t regret that they asked for it because they just loved it!

freelancing event

The Event ended on a glorious note. Mr. Nanda thanked everyone who showed up at the event, collected the feedback and of course a mandatory group picture that was not to be missed! *Click* *Click*

success with freelancing chandigarh episode


review success with freelancing

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