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Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset – What Defines Your Success?

fixed mindset vs growth mindset

Ever realized what your success really depend on?


Your mindset greatly impacts your decision, your success, your failures and eventually your life.

What is Mindset?

what is mindset

Your mindset is all about you and how you think about yourself. The way you take your decisions, the way you act, the way you see things and everything that you do which directly or indirectly affects your life. That’s what is called the Mindset, In layman terms.

According to Carol Dweck, Author of the book ‘Mindset – New Psychology of Success’ – Mindset is the view you adopt for yourself that profoundly affects the way you lead your life.

Your Mind is the Powerful thing that you will ever own. It has ability to change the things around for good or for bad, that depends on how you train your mind.

Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset

You have a Fixed Mindset if –

  1. You Fear to Fail
  2. You Fear ‘What Society will Think’
  3. You are Afraid of Change
  4. You are Afraid of Other’s Success
  5. You Boast about Your Past Achievements
  6. You Believe Success and Intelligent have fixed traits and bound to change
  7. You Hate taking Feedbacks
  8. You Prefer Taking an Easy Path
  9. You Avoid Problems

You Have a Growth Mindset If –

  1. You Don’t Give Up even if You Fail
  2. You Love what You Do, no matter what society thinks about it.
  3. You Believe in Change for Better
  4. You Embrace other’s Success and take it as a motivation
  5. You Believe in Achieving More
  6. You Believe You can Be More Successful when you learn and train yourself
  7. You Welcome Feedbacks and Work on it
  8. You Go Out of Your Way on experimenting things and Enjoy it
  9. You Embrace Problems as Opportunities to Learn

Your Mindset Determines Your Success

successful mindset

Your success is directly proportional to your mindset.

If you believe you can Do It, No amount of force can stop you from achieving your goal.

If you have a Fixed Mindset, you will try, fail and give up. You’ll think, this wasn’t for you and beyond your capabilities.

But with Growth Mindset, You will try until you succeed and won’t give up easily. Even after hundreds of attempts, You’d be capable enough to tell yourself I Tried and I Failed, But I didn’t gave up.

Here’s an Example –

Imagine you wish to lose weight. Here’s what different mindset would think like –

The Fixed Mindset Approach – You’ll believe that losing weight is not cup of your tea. You are born with it and you are bound to live with it. You aren’t capable enough to put in the hard work that will make you look fit and good.

The Growth Mindset Approach – You’ll put in 100% of your hard work and be optimistic. You are mentally ready to practice and burn your fat, whatever it takes and there’s no looking back.

From the example above, it’s clear that limit exist, only in our minds and with Growth Mindset, you will be successful later or sooner.

There are endless opportunities waiting for you. You just need to be patient enough to grab it and knock it off.

How to develop Growth Mindset?

how to develop growth mindset

Be Optimistic – Try to look for positive things around you. Even when you spot yourself in a negative situation, hold on for 3 seconds, take a deep breath and relax yourself. Things will get better.

Know your Weakness and Turn them into your Strengths – In order to grow, you must identify your weakness. Write them down on a paper and work on them every single day until it becomes your strength.

Don’t be too pushy. Good things take time.

Look for Opportunities – Don’t just sit back and wait for the opportunities to come and knock at you. You have to make an effort to go out, look around and turn any existing situation into an opportunity.

Express Gratitude – Wake up every morning and express your gratitude not only to God but to your family who’s always there at your back. Thank your failures that made you strong enough to fight back.

Have a Learning Approach – Be a learner. Learn from every situation. An ant never give up if you block it’s way, it will find another way out. Lesson – Never Give Up.

Squirrels hide their nuts and forget which later on become trees. Lesson – Be Selfless.

The Quality of Learning Matters – You must learn well rather than learning fast. Everything follows a process and mugging up never helps. Whatever you learn, learn it by heart.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – No one can ever excel in his life by staying in ‘Comfort Zone.’ You need to get out of it, break the rules, challenge things and experience every possible situation.

Focus on the Process and Not on the End Result – In order to achieve your goal, you must enjoy the process and get the most out of it rather than just focusing on the end result.

Learn To Accept Positive Feedback – Give and take positive feedbacks. When you take feedbacks, it helps you become a better person eventually taking you one step closer to success. Sometimes people just want to help you improve rather than making you fall.

Learn from Other’s Mistake – Everyone is not your competition. You must recognize the people who have had same weakness, did the mistake, ponder upon how could you possibly do it better and remember it in future to not to make the same mistake.

Remember, You can’t just change things in a day or two. Great things take time.

A seed doesn’t grow up as a tree in a single day. It requires attention, care and time.

Similarly, you cannot train your mind in a single day. Nurture it, feed positivity into it every day and let it grow.

Are you Ready to Grow?

To develop a growth mindset, you must be willingly committed to your beliefs to bring a change in your life. Start wherever you are, whenever you can and in just few days you’ll start seeing the positive results.

Just Stick to it and Don’t Quit.

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