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5 Types of Freelance Projects to Avoid in Your Freelancing Career

Discover 5 Freelance Projects to Avoid in Your Freelancing Career

If you are planning to launch your Freelancing Career, let me tell you Freelancing is a very exciting career path and has lots of great benefits associated with it, my favorite one being that it allows us to choose our own client. Unlike the regular jobs, where our boss decides how, with whom and on what we need to work, being a freelancer allows one to be his own BOSS!

Right from choosing the client to the work methods, it’s solely your own decision. Most of the people choose freelancing to maintain a work life balance and have more control over their life, But couple of decisions made wrong can not only harm your freelancing career but can also affect your peace of mind. So it’s really important to choose the right projects that matches your niche and clients you consider to work with very carefully to reap the benefits a freelancing career has to offer.

Here are the 5 shortlisted freelance projects to avoid which will help you to retain your peace of mind and keep you going in the game. As it helped me too! Are you unable to track which client is beneficial for you and which one to avoid? Don’t Worry Just Go Ahead and Read On!

1. You Must Start Immediately | Start Right Now Types of Projects


Ignore these Types of Freelance Project

The very first type of freelancing project to avoid are the ones that state -“Start Immediately”  because client usually post such kind of work when it’s highly problematic or their previous freelancer is not available or they urgently need to hire someone to finish off the work.  Since it takes time to analyze and understand the situation of an existing website, what all tools and technologies have been used, what are the business requirements of the client, it’s not recommended to take it as your project. Or it might be the case that many developers have worked on it incorporating various logic’s that might be time consuming to interpret. But on the other side, it is a very good opportunity to impress the client and make him long term customer.

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2. When Client Has Already Listed the Time Frame in Hours.

Types of Project every Freelancer should avoid

The second kind of freelance project to avoid is where clients have specifically mentioned the time frame. It seems like client have already estimated the expected time either from gut feeling or they have a strong technical knowledge. These types of freelance projects always put you in pressure and refrain you to give your 100%. When you work under pressure there are chances that you will mess things up or if the project isn’t delivered on time they will reject it or will give you a negative feedback which you can’t afford to have.

3. Profit Sharing or Commission Based Project.

Why you should Avoid Commission based Freelance Project

Profit sharing or commission based freelancing projects involves high risk. The example above clearly shows that client is suggesting commission based model which won’t benefit you at all. But still if you are confident enough about your skills and interested in this kind of model you can go ahead take these type of projects. If you have just started your freelance career or if you are struggling in your freelancing career, i personally suggest you to avoid these type of projects.

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4. Small Budget Projects

Freelance Career Advice

Small budget freelancing projects don’t allow you to have big profit margins and are very demanding in terms of cost and time. When you have a small team or a regular workflow, I suggest to avoid them as this will land you into financial crisis.

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5. Where Employer Settle the Payment after Project Completion

freelance projects to avoid

Projects that say Payment after Completion is the 5th type of freelancing project to avoid as it’s not a fair contract between the 2 parties. In the reference above, the screenshot of the client’s project description states that their budget is $400 and will only pay after the project is completed. It’s quite compromising as here the client has an advantage of being more demanding as you won’t be having a clear agreement and it also shows that you are desperate to have work. Though, Again this is only my personal opinion and there are people who work on this type of model but to be honest, these freelance projects models are quite complex.

So here were the 5 different kinds of freelance projects to avoid bidding on the freelancing websites that will help you save your time and money. What are your opinions? What kind of projects do you usually avoid to have a peaceful freelancing life? Do Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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