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Freelancing is in its boom, freelancing giant reached 30 million members around the globe. As per freelancer news, 30 million users registered from 247 countries which show that the reach of freelancing is expanding day by day. CEO Matt Barrie said” “This new milestone illustrates the global appetite for new ways of working, with tens of millions of people around the world opting for the flexibility, autonomy, and opportunity offered by the marketplace. New models of working are taking the world by storm, as technology gives people greater opportunities to work any time, in a way that suits them best, no matter where they are in the world.”

According to Freelancer News, around 6.4 million users of freelancer community are based in India, which is around 22% of the total. Whereas United States has more than 3.8 million people or 13% of total users. Other countries with most numbers of users include the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and Bangladesh.

As per Freelancer News, 15000 new users registered each day and over 7000 new jobs posted daily. Last year, the most popular categories of jobs include website development, data entry, copywriting and graphic design.

According to Matt Barrie, “Till date, nearly 15 million jobs have been posted on in more than 1,000 different areas of work.

As part of the celebrations of 30 million user, is offering a share in US$5,000 worth of prizes for the best projects in architecture, branding, 3D and digital posted on the marketplace, with the talented individuals behind the winning projects given the chance to become the ‘new face of Freelancer’.

“With this competition, we want to recognize the value and the power that the community delivers, and we want to reward the incredible work that is accomplished via the marketplace every single day.” Matt Barrie said.

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