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freelancer news on certification exam

freelancer news on certification exam has updated their User Agreement to include Terms and Conditions for Freelancer Exams. These reflect the current policies that they have in place and will help you understand more about how Freelancer Exams work.

After taking and passing the freelancer exam, you are granted an Freelancer Exam Certification which is valid for 365 consecutive days from the day you pass the exam.

Your Exam Certification will be retained only if you complete and pass the same exam before the expiration date.

If you fail any exam attempt, you will immediately lose your Exam Certification which means that you will not be able to bid on Qualified projects that require this Exam Certification. Your Exam Certification Badge will also be removed everywhere on the site.

Freelancer reserves the right to revoke Exam Certifications without prior notice to you. Reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • If we believe that you have cheated the exam; and
  • If we remove or disable the exam.

Also, Freelancer reserves the right to remove or disable exams. This may invalidate your Exam Certification for the removed or disabled exam.

Reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • If the exam topic(s), content or questions are outdated or no longer relevant.
  • If the exam is being replaced with an improved or more relevant exam.

Some exams may not have an expiration date.

Freelancer reserves the right to change the duration that an exam is valid for.

Freelancer reserves the right to change exam format, content and questions. This may include, but is not limited to changing:

  • Time limit of exam attempt.
  • Number of questions in an exam.
  • Wording of questions and answers in the exam.

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