Good to see your here. I will take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself.

I have spent over 10 years in the IT industry and my journey so far has been exciting and keeps pushing me forward. I keep myself motivated all the time and do not believe in good luck to make things happen for me.

gaurav nanda - success with freelancing

I started my career working as a support executive at HCL Technologies where I used to assist broadband customers for a UK telecom service. I only worked for a few months there as taking calls all night was making me sick.
Towards the end of 2008 , I started my freelancing career from my home in Kanpur when the internet speed was only 8 kbps, the city faced power outages of over 8 hours a day and I did not know what the terms web hosting or PayPal meant.
Thanks to google , I was able to clear my basics on how the website works.


Those were the days of Orkut ( I had the Facebook account signed up in 2007 though if I’m able to recollect it well ) and I joined some relevant groups there and started reading posts. In a few weeks , I connected with someone in Sweden on Facebook and he asked me if I can help him with a flash website. I had no idea how that could be done but I asked him for the source files. I figured out how to edit the content and images ( thanks to google again ) and agreed for the job. My first job paid me $70 and I can’t explain in words how it felt.

Making money online , I did it!

That gave me enough motivation for the next few months and I started learning Joomla CMS because I could see people on the internet asking help with it so I figured out that there was a demand for skilled Joomla programmers.
I was lucky to find two consultants , one in the USA and other in Norway who started outsourcing me work at $6 per hour and $200 per website respectively. I quickly trained a couple of my cousins and now we were a team of 4 with responsibilities divided. I was the client facing guy making sales and my friend Prashant used to lead the development.

We made around 1500 USD – 2500 USD every month , that was a lot of money back then in 2008-2009. Everything went pretty good as we started becoming confident in delivering Joomla projects , but this lasted only a few months as I chose to join Accenture as an associate software engineer – the idea seemed pretty good as I was raised in an environment where people in a job were considered good. Today in 2018 , things have changed a lot but full time freelancers ( mostly) do not have the moral support from the family.

gaurav nanda success with freelancingI had a good time working at Accenture Bangalore where I was performing quite good at the job and involving myself into many initiatives and community events. I soon became a key member and was exposed to several opportunities – the most lucrative being working from the client’s office in London. I enjoyed my time and career growth for good 5 years and then decided to look for better opportunities. That’s when I joined British Telecom ( BT India ) in Bangalore as a Senior Consultant. I really enjoyed my time there but I kept asking myself what if I would have continued my web development freelancing career ?

       Would I have been successful or a failure ?

gaurav nanda success with freelancing

Honestly , I had no answer to it and this question haunted me for several years during my day job with Accenture and BT group. Oh , I forgot to mention that I was married and my wife had just given birth to our first baby ( Aarav , he is 28 months old now) – Imagine giving up a job when your family has just added a new member! I did not have to imagine because I was going to live it.

gaurav nanda success with freelancing

Against all the odds , I gave up my corporate career and started as full time freelancer in the summer of 2016. It was funny and scary that the competition in web design services was now insanely tough and dirty. Every one in India , Pakistan and Bangladesh appeared to be doing websites at a fees that I found hard to accept.
I jumped into the freelancing marketplaces , used all my knowledge and client handling skills that I picked up from the corporate and was soon able to establish a name in the Freelancing world. I had a great start!  And that’s what I named my company ( GreatStart Pvt. Ltd.) when I decided to move beyond my role as an individual freelancer. I had a vision to build a brand and also create employment opportunities during my journey.


Within 10 months I was able to build a team of 10 wonderful team members. Together , We have been building specialization in WordPress and have successfully delivered various complex and high end projects using the wordpress CMS platform. Last year , we started providing Digital Marketing services ( SEO , PPC , Social Media and Email Marketing ) to our clients at GreatStart.

During the last 2 years I have met several hundred freelancers and I observed that most of the freelancers have been finding their freelancing hour-net journey of struggle. Low paying projects , demanding clients , payment fraud and the competition growing by the day trying to crush the small web companies and newly starting freelancers in the IT field. That’s why I decided to start a Facebook group and this blog ‘Success With Freelancing’ to share my experiences and knowledge with the freelancing community. I also request experienced and successful freelancers to join hands with me and share their advise with the freelancing community.


This year , I’m on mission to assist at least 1000 freelancers and coach them and help overcome the struggle. If you would like to join me and assist by any means please write me here or directly message on my facebok page here.

Together , let’s make the year 2018 an amazing year for all the freelancers.

Wishing you Success with Freelancing !

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Wishing you Success With Freelancing.