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A Single Mistake Can Put Your Freelancing Career At Stake – See How?

Freelance Career Mistakes

Hard Working People learn from their mistake but Smart Working people learn from others mistake.

No one is born perfect and No one is perfect with Freelancing too. Even a single mistake can adversely affect your business or freelancing career. Every person is a teacher and Every person has a different lesson to teach. So, learn from other’s mistake and head on to become a better human being and more eventually be more successful.

Story Of Losing $4000

10 months ago, I successfully won a freelancing project and client approached me with her initial budget of 1200 British pounds. It was an e-commerce website which had inquiry forms of medium complexity and required encryption services as it involved some confidential data. So for almost two days, I invested 3-4 hours in this project to have a deep understanding of project requirements, communicated with the client and demonstrated him about my capabilities.

I proposed 6000 to 8000 GBP for the project which was a shock for the client as she had budget of only 1200GBP. We both were ready to negotiate and finally client agreed to award this project to me at a cost of 3000 ~ 4000 USD.

freelancer client

Unfortunately, I encountered few issues with my ongoing project so I had to put all my focus in that to resolve it.

Since I invested a lot of time understanding and negotiating my British client, instead of rejecting the project, I decided to forward this project to a freelancing company whom I have known for more than a year and has great 5 star rating. I was quite happy that my efforts didn’t go waste. After an hour of forwarding the project, I followed up with to client to check if everything was fine but to my shock client said that she is hiring another freelancer. On asking upon the reason to do so, she asked me to go to that freelancing company’s profile and read the first feedback. I followed her and I was blown away… Some client gave a feedback saying “Think Twice” with 1 star rating.

freelancer rating

These two words changed the entire game and brought a great loss of $4000 to that company. The company had delivered over 500 projects with 5 star rating, but that doesn’t matter to the client. She only had her eyes glued to that 1 star rating which made her change her decision.

You must be clear by now that how 1 wrong feedback can take away your customers and bring you a great loss. I would advise you to never compromise on your feedback’s even if it means that you have to refund back to the client. Take only those projects on which you are 100% confident. Even 99% is also not acceptable. If you are 100% confident about fulfilling the client’s requirement, then only close the deal because at the end of every project, you would be rated which would be displayed publicly that will affect your future clients. Since your client’s don’t know you personally, they have no idea about your nature, how trustworthy you are, whether you are loyal or not, here is when ratings and feedback’s play a major role in determining your status and they speak aloud for you.

If you think that 1 feedback won’t harm you as you will get 10 more better clients to work with. This a misconception because that 1 feedback may takeaway those 10 clients too. Your feedback’s are as valuable as your clients. Don’t take chance with them

Play Wise. Play Hard. Learn from others and Serve better.

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