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Have your ever spot a scam message on Freelancing Platform?

Freelancer.com scam clients

People get scammed all the time on the internet, but do you think it’s really the scammer to be blamed?
Mostly, it’s a two-way agreement – the victim sees a sweet profit in the relation and fall for the scam. Always be on alert! 🤓

The freelancing platforms are a favorite spot for scammers to shop for soft targets and get their work done for free. They would walk you out of the freelancing platform ( like the screenshot below) and offer you a deal you can’t ignore – they sense your desperation for the work and throw the bait.🎈

I must admit I felt for scam too in the initial stages of my freelancing career but learned the lesson quickly and now I don’t even waste a minute on them no matter how good of a deal.

Soft Targets:-
 Newly starting freelancers
 Data Entry freelancers
 Virtual Assistants
 Admin jobs
 Freelancers desperate for $$$

Have you ever fallen for a scam? 😣
Share your story with us.
Do you have an advise for Freelancers to keep them safe from scamming?
Please comment below.

Wishing you all Success with Freelancing 

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