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Why Are Some Employers Hesitant in Hiring Freelancers From India? 🕵

Freelancers From India

Freelancing in the Indian workplace this word generally portrays that you are the second choice for many. When employers from abroad or even India hire freelancers, they generally think of someone with a casual or temporary gig, who are not into the habit of earning very much, or experienced in a dare-we-say “real” job. 💼

While things have started to change for the better, there still exists a part of the professional world where regionalism persists and is continually practiced. Quite often, on websites that offer projects for Freelancers it can be noticed in bold words for people in countries like India, Bangladesh or nearby to exempt from applying. Here’s an example📄.

Pulkit Mehra, a freelance Web Designer has been working on Freelance projects for more than a decade now. Looking for an interesting project on a renowned website for freelancers, he came across something that read- Looking for an experienced Web Developer for a new project, knowledge of app development would be a plus. The next line was what caught his attention- Indians please excuse, and do not SPAM our post with your applications.

Being an Indian and rich🤑 experience in the field he wanted to confront the client who posted the project for practicing regional bias. However, he decided to conduct a small experiment for himself following which he posted a project for experienced personnel as an employer, also promising a decent pay. Within a day, Pulkit received around 150 applications- around 100 of which were from India. He went through a couple of them and concluded why employers are hesitant to hire freelancers from India or other developing nations🌍.

Most applications had poor grammar, copied resumes, and showing major disregard to my requirements people with little or no experience applying for the job. What’s even worse is that people were ready to work for a project that promised to pay well for as low as $2 an hour! No wonder employers from Western countries are skeptical hiring Indian freelancers for their major projects. Is isn’t quite fair to experienced people who work on freelance projects to be a victim to something they haven’t been a part of💻.

Freelancing in India

Freelancing in India may have stretched to cover consultants, project managers, researchers, analysts or anyone who prefers flexible working hours, but it has also opened doors to freshers or inexperienced job applicants who don’t mind earning an extra bit over free internet🌐.

Secondly, ‘high-end’ freelance job seekers in India are those with rich experience in their fields. They switched from a regular 9 to 5 desk job, to a flexible freelancing work so they can choose projects they find interesting and work at hours that suits their schedule. They put in time and effort day in and out to add perfection to their project and demand a pay that’s worth their methodology. It’s quite justified if employers from abroad hesitate to hire inexperienced freelancers who demand no more than an amount equivalent to their pocket money, and whose work might need a fresh start altogether extracting time and money, from the employer📝.

Another reason for doing so could be the seeker’s experience of working in a particular region as described by the job. Although there’s hardly any internet technology that divides over demographics, employers may prefer seekers who have had an experience of working according to the standards of that part of the country or region. They could also be on the lookout for someone who is present physically nearby for the ease of communication📡.

Freelancing involves more work and responsibilities that a regular nine to five job. Your tasks for the day, Accounting, Marketing, all needs to be taken care of by the same person. There are plenty of requirements you need to fulfill to become a freelancer, like ambiguity, self-discipline, and time-management, especially when working on multiple projects. Your experience is evident in your way of communication, and employers are well aware of what they want🤑.

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