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How To BID Quickly and Win Projects On Freelancing Websites

Bid Successfully on Freelancing Websites

You must have heard people saying ‘Every Minute Counts’ But lots of people don’t know how to Bid Quickly and Win projects on Freelancing Websites, It’s not minutes but the seconds which count the most. Delay of few seconds can pull you back from the competition you are trying hard to compete. So to help you understand how to bid on the projects and keep you going in the competition, I will be sharing an easy way which will help you significantly reduce your bidding time and grab client’s attention. Let’s now dive in to discover the Secret to Win Projects on Freelancing Websites.

1. Save Your Freelancer Bid Proposal

To win bids on freelancer and other various freelancing websites, it’s important to save your freelancer bid proposal (sales pitch) in a format (notepad, word etc) which is easy to retrieve because you have got limited time and your main aim is to bid on more and more projects in a limited time frame. You can save your sales pitch in any format either it be a word file or a txt file, but I personally prefer a notepad file – simply quick and easy to use.

 The Freelancer Bid Proposal Format

upwork bid proposal sample


A freelancer bid proposal or sales pitch has 3 sections. 1st section is all about your introduction. It can include who you are, what skills you possess and how can you help them in their project. The 2nd section includes your experience with your mentioned skills. The 3rd section usually includes your work samples. Lastly, it includes an ending note and your signature.

 2. Copy – Pasting Made Easy With Notepad

Usually, to make the work easy and fast, freelancers save their sales pitch in a notepad file and then while bidding, they copy and paste each section which helps them save time and bid quickly. The steps while bidding are:

project bidding


  1. Go To Any Freelancing Websites you prefer (freelancer, upwork, Pph)
  2. Find the relevant projects according to your skill set.
  3. Taking an example of, When you open a project you wish to bid on, you are first asked to select the pricing and delivery date. Once you click on Place Bid button, you are asked to summarize your bid and this is the section where you have to place your bidding proposal or sales pitch.

* has updated their format into 5 step process. As previously you only had a single text box to place your bid.

 3. The Time Saving TRICK – Bid On the Projects Without Referring any Notepad/Word File

online bidding tools

How To Bid Quickly without referring any Notepad/Word File? There are some tools in which you can configure some short keys i.e. by just pressing those hotkeys, full sentences appear on my screen.

Woah! How interesting is that?

The tool I’d recommend you to configure the short keys is Text Expander. This chrome extension you can install in your chrome browser free of cost.

– > Once installed in the browser, you can see it’s icon in the menu bar of your browser.

freelancer bid examples

-> Clicking on the icon will open a window where you can type in your shortcut keys and what needs to be replaced when you press those keys.

how to bid on freelancer

-> Don’t Forget to Hit the Save button.

It’s that Easy. Isn’t it?

Do try this amazing tool and let us know your feedback. If you face any difficulty while using this tool, don’t hesitate and feel free to reach us.

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