Story of a School Teacher who became a Successful Freelance Graphic Designer and Screen Painter

interview with jagruti mange

Freelancing is a roller coaster for most of us. It throws good and bad experiences throughout the journey. You never know what your freelancing career would throw next at you. You need to be prepared Every second, minute and hour. Freelancing gives you power to explore your passion and Jagruti did it right. A Graphic Designer and Screen Painter by heart, Jagruti Believes Design is Everywhere and Everything is Design. Well Said Jagruti!

So, let’s walk you through Jagruti’s journey, how a newspaper became her inspiration and how she drifted her career from being a computer teacher to an amazing graphic designer and screen painter.

For how long you have been working as a freelancer?

Jagruti – It’s been more than 8 years I have been working as a freelancer.

What’s your story Jagruti ? Tell us about yourself.

Jagruti – Well it all began in the year 1995, when I was school, teacher with computer as my core subject. i used to taught teaching Lotus, Dbase, basic computing or complete primary grade. Those were the times where we had to use bootable floppy disc unlike now where we have access to all shareable devices and a lot advanced technology. One fine day I came across American news (a newspaper not in life anymore) which was a kind of tabloid paper with news full of positivity, fun and information especially for kids. It had one corner that shared inspiring quotes. I started writing those quotes in my style with colorful chalks and drawings, on the blackboards and notice boards of schools. Everybody used loved it and i felt extremely joyous after scribbling those. That’s where my journey began. I didn’t know where my life would take me, I just followed my heart. I was already 25 and belonging to a conservative community, it was time to time to Tie the Knot and get settled but thanks to my core family, they all supported me and encouraged me to do what ever i wanted to do in my life. I followed my passion. I expressed my concern to my  brother and my uncle who had their businesses in India and Singapore. They had CD replication and AV transfer, imported and sell the latest machinery to production studios. They traveled a lot around the globe to various technology fairs and expos where they came across a software company named “VENTURA” which launched Coreldraw 4.0 bundle. comprising of 4 more software, just as we have adobe family today. They purchased the software (pack of 200 floppy diskette) and handed me along with a book on it titled “how to learn coreldraw 4.0” from some Delhi publication. I remember the words that my brother said to me – “This is the book, that’s the software installed for you in the PC. Hope you have brains to read and learn on your own” Thus my actual journey began on practical note. ACTION !!!! I Used to spend 6-8 hours on my own learning the software and trying to create whatever i see around me. Paper Ads, company logos, tracing. etc and simultaneously worked for their commercial designs which they used for CD stickers and CD inlays.

We found online that you named yourself ‘Jagruti Mange’. Tell us more about it please ?

Jagruti – Nothing so exceptional about my name, its just that i love it, gifted and was labelled since my birth. JAGRUTI has various meaning like AWAKENING, bring REVOLUTION, CHANGE and yes i am like that. I always wanted to do something different. Mange is my surname, funny but true. Often people ask me “ARE YOU A MAHARASHTRIAN” and I reply them with a YES because I stay in Maharashtra so i am. Basically, I belong to Kutch. We are the bhanushali’s.

How & When did you decide that freelancing was the right career choice for you ?

Jagruti – I didn’t had an immediate start. Being a self taught person, I was never accepted in the big Ad agency where i always dreamt to work with. I applied there several time but All in vain. Then I worked in various organizations as graphic operator, DTP operator, graphic designer, visualizer, art director and that’s where i learned all the aesthetics of design and its application in real world. I mastered my skills and understood mediums, print technicalities, execution, client servicing, billing which helped me to build my confidence and to do things on my own. I worked as a Freelancer parallel  to my full time job. Since i was passionate to design, I always looked for work opportunities and kept myself  updated with the current market trends. One has to be smart enough to present oneself in front of others and stay alert to capture the opportunity.

What has been Biggest struggle with freelancing so far ? Have there been moments where you started to regret your decision or moments where your found yourself under pressure ( financial / family etc ) to take a U-turn back to join a day job ?

Jagruti – My career has been divided into 2 parts, one being a bachelor and the second after getting married and giving birth to a child. I did struggled for a year or so, but no regrets. I discontinued working after my marriage, since fate had some better plans for me. Then my life took a 360 degree turn when i delivered a baby girl. Since than, I had been a single mother. I felt pressurized to start again. So I picked up a job for a year, connected with my old clients. I realized that the world had moved much ahead in terms of technology and trends. Being a single mother, it was difficult for me to work full time and there I decided to Start My Own Business. I took a small place as a paying guest in mulund west and made that space my office, for other girls it was their residence. I used to operate from there 9-7, Monday to Friday.

What single motivation keeps you moving against all the odds ?

Jagruti – I want to see my work everywhere. Whenever I see the logos of famous brands like Nike, Mercedes, McDonald, it feels great that your work would be remembered for many years even when you bid adieu to this world.

Would you call yourself successful ? What does success really means to you ?

Jagruti – Yes & No, to some extend as there is no measures to success and it varies for every individual. For me, when you are looked up as a Brand a well-known Personality in your field, you are successful.

How important do you think giving back to the community is ?

Jagruti – According to me, Giving Back to community is the Key to Succes.

What would be your top 3 advise to aspiring freelancers ?

Jagruti – I would advice all the aspiring freelancers to Keep Learning, Upgrading your skills and keep contributing to society.  Design is vast and never ending.

If you would like our readers to connect with you for advise , what communication channel works the best for you ?

Jagruti – Yes, they can connect with me on my email id –

Thanks Jagruti. We really appreciate your dedication towards designing and how you lifted up your career is really commendable. More power to you.

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Want to get more Tips, Tricks and Freelancing Updates? Come, Be a Part of a Growing Freelancing Community on Facebook.

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Wishing you Success With Freelancing.

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