How Mitali helped Housewives in India to make a living for themselves!

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This is the story of an entrepreneur Mitali Kandhari, a Content writer, an Academic Consultant and Digital Marketer who when realized lack of opportunities for women aiming to earn a living for themselves, started a mission to help them by giving them opportunities to write, learn, earn and prosper.

Here’s the interview with entrepreneur Mitali ->

When did you start your entrepreneur journey ?

Mitali – It all started in December 2015

What’s your entrepreneur story? Tell us about it.

Mitali – My entrepreneurship story started with my love towards writing and marketing.. From the very beginning I had been inclined towards working hard and gaining experience to make a mark for myself in the world. My primary goal from the beginning was to support women across the globe as far as possible to achieve the basic dream of gaining the capability to earn for themselves. I realized that there are millions of women who have the ability to write well but do not get the right platform to do the same.. Over time, I have given opportunities to housewives and women to learn writing and move onto a model where they can support themselves without having to wait for the Husband to give a portion of the salary! I started in December 2015 and since then I have helped over 12 women to make a living for themselves! I have increased the number of services, grabbed hold of better paying clients and the struggle to achieve the dream is still in progress!

Please tell us about your business ventures and future plans.

Mitali – My Business entails the provision of services in the field of Content Writing, Academic Consulting for Students Abroad and Digital Marketing primarily.

How & When did you decide that being an entrepreneur was the right career choice for you ?

Mitali – My on-the-job experiences gave me the courage to start an organization of my own. In October 2015, I left a startup that had grown from 3 employees to 45 due to my efforts alone. The CEO stopped respecting me and that is when I left. I joined two companies thereafter. One was an MNC and the other was another startup. The thing that pinched me the most was that employees were not given respect and were expected to achieve results without any support from the organization. Whether your army is big or small, if you do not motivate them or give them the weapons to fight, they cannot win a war for you! I aspire to make a company that looks into the needs of employees, motivates them, trains them to be better, empowers them and gives them the space to grow.. I readily support employees who ask for advice on opening a company and doing their own thing..

How did getting into entrepreneurship change your lifestyle and mindset ?

Mitali – Entrepreneurship has made me a better individual overall. My lifestyle changed drastically since I understood that bad habits would eventually become a roadblock in achieving my dreams. My mindset was transformed from being a receiver to giver of instructions. It made me more independent and helped me understand my capabilities in a much better manner. Every time I faced a problem, I knew it was only me who could resolve it.. It gave me the strength to research and learn from experiences of others! Entrepreneurship made me realize that every individual is different and if you want respect, you have to give it equally back!!

What has been Biggest struggle with your entrepreneur career so far ? Have there been moments where you started to regret your decision or moments where your found yourself under pressure ( financial / family etc ) to take a U-turn back to join a job ?

Mitali – The financial pressure was indeed among the foremost struggles that I faced. But I never regretted my decision or think of going back to a job! When I started the company I had only 10 INR in my pocket, a house to run and dreams in hand. I made small amounts of money by working day and night.. I managed the family with whatever I earned and started saving little by little to start an organization!

What single motivation keeps you moving against all the odds ?

Mitali – Women Empowerment and creating a better place for employees to work in!

Would you call yourself successful ? What does success really means to you ?

Mitali – I don’t call myself successful.. Success for me would mean the creation of a website, reaching out to people, opening a physical office and hiring more people with flexible working models.. Success is not a goal, its a journey!

How important do you think giving back to the community is ?

Mitali – I am what I am because of the community.. Its important to make sustainable models for companies to return as much as possible to the community and work towards the welfare of one and all.

What would be your top 3 advise to aspiring entrepreneurs ?

Mitali – The top 3 advise would be: 1. Don’t spend where you can save and don’t hire people when you don’t need them 2. Don’t take an investment from people who are looking towards the returns only and not willing to share their experiences in helping you grow 3. Keep your feet on the ground. Don’t let small achievements make you over confident.. A leader who is too full of himself/herself can never succeed!

Would you like to share anything else?

Mitali – An important thing that I would like to share is that a lot of people say that there are very few jobs and too many people are unemployed! I think that is the excuse given by lazy people.. If you don’t find the right job, create one! Never stop learning.. Where there is a will, there is a way!

If you would like our readers to connect with you for advise, what communication channel works the best for you ?

Mitali – I am open to emails (  to connect with readers. A lot of my followers already contact me through emails when they need advice or reach me on Quora.

Thanks Mitali for your precious words.


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  1. Manisha sehgal 3 years ago

    Hi mitali.its an amazing effort on ur part.i wish all the females must realize the need of being financial independent..the best part in u is that u have already started working on this & helped out so many..may ur all dreams come true..

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