“The kind of flexibility and challenges I get in freelance projects were not present in any of the projects I did for the Industry”

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He Failed But Never Gave Up. He Stood Back Again Strong and Succeeded. Failure is his motivation and his mantra for life is “Work hard and party harder“. He is Pritesh Srivastava,  Python Freelance Trainer and Content Creator. Go Ahead to find out how his learning desire made him stand out in his freelancing journey.

For how long you have been working as a freelancer?

Pritesh – I am into freelancing from past 3 years.

What’s your story Pritesh? Tell us about yourself.

Pritesh – I work at Digital Vidya as a Python freelance trainer and the content creator for their Deep learning Courses. Sometimes, I rewind my life in a fast-forward mode and feel that the only good things happened with my life are my failures. It keeps me motivated. It keeps me alive.

One such experience from one of my failed startups motivated me to explore other areas, and I start to develop interest in data analytics. As a total noob, I was stuck with a lot of questions and concerns at the beginning. I’m sure everyone faces the same set of challenges when they plan to dive into any domain of their interest. A boring guy, who has always been a mediocre his entire life, I was always an average in studies and never had any extra-ordinary achievements. Though, ever since my college days, I really liked the idea of learning from online interaction with people & meetups. One best thing about these interactions was the exchange of ideas and, apparently I started assisting people with their projects.

Later, I came to know about Upwork and was taken aback that I can actually get paid for these assistance (Initially, I thought freelancing means working for free). It’s an amazing platform to prove your skills, and the stipends really boosted my motivation to apply to different areas which challenged my comfort zone. This leads to a new era of my achievements and I got stuck in this beautiful world of amazing people.

Currently, I hold an experience of 3+ years in Data science / Business intelligence where I invest most of my time in teaching what I learned from my mistakes.

How & When did you decide that freelancing was the right career choice for you ?

Pritesh – The kind of flexibility and challenges I get in freelance projects were not present in any of the projects I did for the Industry. It gives you the flexibility to choose your project, tools & even the timings for your work. Well, this was really fascinating for me.

Do you see freelancing as an alternative to job or do you see a purpose in it ?

Pritesh – Working on Freelancing projects without a purpose or doing it just for the sake of money is a waste of time. I chose my projects such that it gives me an opportunity to learn new things, to interact with interesting people. This eventually increased my chances of getting more amazing projects. As Heath Ledger would say, “If you are good at something, never do it for free”. I’d like to add, “also make sure you’re earning something more valuable than just money”.

How did getting into freelancing change your lifestyle and mindset ?

Pritesh – It actually changed a lot. I start to learn new technologies, investing my time efficiently. It changed the way I used to think about life, as now I’ve learned to utilize my free time for productive things. Though, the lifestyle of “Work hard and party harder” remains the same.

What has been Biggest struggle with freelancing so far ? Have there been moments where you started to regret your decision or moments where your found yourself under pressure ( financial / family etc ) to take a U-turn back to join a day job ?

Pritesh – Never been through any such incidents, but it is likely to happen with anyone. Just don’t get bored with your work or you’ll lose the main point of choosing this industry.

What single motivation keeps you moving against all the odds ?

Pritesh – Again, I would say the only motivations for me are my failures. They worked like a boon for me. I work hard as I don’t want to see myself in the same position I was few years back and these freelance assignments have developed a new hunger (of learning) which I never want to give up.

Would you call yourself successful ? What does success really means to you ?

Pritesh – Not really. Success is a relative differential of each other’s lives. Some people believe getting a job, home and car is being successful; some think being a billionaire businessman is success; few believe that getting a medal for their nation is success.

Success is a stage where you stop complaining about your life. And according to me, one should never stop doing that. So, in that sense I never want to be successful. Though, I feel happy to see proud faces of my friends and family (those who really matter), and that’s also success for me.

How important do you think giving back to the community is ?

Pritesh – I believe that, if someone has helped you on stack-overflow or any portal/article have provided the best possible solutions for your queries. It’s a debt on you. You should give it back to the society and actively contribute in any way you can to help others getting out of similar situations as yours. That’s the beauty of open-source community, and this is how every human should behave.

What would be your top 3 advise to aspiring freelancers ?

Pritesh –

a) Time Management — You should know how to manage your time such that you never fail your deadlines and also have time to spend with friends.

b) Never stop learning — Be innovative and learn new things. I never want to stop myself from reading new stuff or trying new tools. And I’ll try to keep myself motivated for this till my last breath.

c) Never go overloaded — Give your best shot at each and every project you get. Also, you should know when to stop applying for new projects. Do not burden yourself with extra projects which may affect your productivity.

If you would like our readers to connect with you for advise, what communication channel works the best for you ?

Pritesh – Drop me a mail at for any queries, assistance related to your freelancing projects. I’ll try to reply asap (mostly in less than 24 hrs).

Wishing You Success With Freelancing

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