Interview With Harshpal Singh Khurana – Founder Of Tabschool

tabschool founder Harshpal

If you think life of an entrepreneur is easy as pie, my dear your are already mistaken. The life of the entrepreneur is full of uncertainty, fear and worry.  Thinking around entrepreneurship can be amazing but challenges will hit you hard as you implement it. But, If you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and with all heart ready to face the risks, roadblocks, and psychological challenges involved, you are good to go.

Harshpal Singh Khurana had it all. He is the Founder and CEO at Tabschool, a pioneer in providing high-tech digital tools to impart technology-based education to learners. He believes in Working for a purpose and is ready to  carry the torch forward and illuminate the minds of all the knowledge hungry learners with the help of advanced digital technology.

Here’s Harshpal sharing his Entrepreneurship Story. Head on to read!

When did you start your entrepreneur journey ?

Harshpal- It all started in July 2016.

What’s your entrepreneur story ? Tell us about it.

Harshpal- My entrepreneurial is simple, I wanted to do something that I can look back and be proud off and Jobs in India does not give you freedom that one can do something independently within an organization. So, after gaining 11 years of experience and working with some great companies I thought it was time to do something of your own.

Please tell us about your business ventures and future plans.

Harshpal-  Tabschool is a content curator and teacher aggregator platform, aims to provide quality education. It is an ecosystem for the students and rest of the education community which helps students to learn better. Our platform is built on Self Organizing, Learning Environment so that students can learn from anywhere anytime. As for future plans, We have vision to introduce products for small children & AI based products, that’s all I can disclose for now.

How & When did you decide that being an entrepreneur was the right career choice for you ?

Harshpal-  I think it was when I was let go by a startup, which had its own problems and then I started looking for another job, gave many interviews, got job offers from 2-3 companies too but nothing was exciting enough.

How did getting into entrepreneurship change your lifestyle and mindset ?

Harshpal-  If any entrepreneur says that its life became better, he is lying. Lifestyle changes drastically, one has to make many sacrifices, one cut corners and make adjustments, but these scarifies pays off when you see yourself and the company growing.

What has been Biggest struggle with your entrepreneur career so far ? Have there been moments where you started to regret your decision or moments where your found yourself under pressure ( financial / family etc ) to take a U-turn back to join a job ?

Harshpal-  During my entrepreneurial journey I have faced many challenges, Self-doubt is one of them. It would be wrong of me to say that I never thought of taking a step back, I had sleepless nights thinking if my decision was right. Yes, there was a time when I struggled financially, but I never regret my decision.

What single motivation keeps you moving against all the odds ?

Harshpal-  The thought of doing something great, giving back to society and leaving behind the legacy, keeps me motivated.

Would you call yourself successful ? What does success really means to you ?

Harshpal-  The definition of successful is to each of its own. So, having a company, a supportive family and most importantly satisfied creatively with my work, I would call myself successful. Yes, money plays important part in our lives and my company is yet to report profits, if money becomes part of being a successful then I guess my company has long way to go as

How important do you think giving back to the community is ?

Harshpal-  Tabschool is based on community service, Our motto is always been Work for a purpose. By providing quality education to all students irrespective of rural & urban, privileged & under privileged, we have been giving back to community since day one.

What would be your top 3 advise to aspiring entrepreneurs ?

Harshpal-  The most common advise given is generally follow your dream, These three things probably no one is ever going to tell you:
1) Keep Yourself Healthy, Physically & mentally. You need it
2) Don’t run after investors, let them come to you.
3) If there is weakness in you or in your startup, identify it and fix it

If you would like our readers to connect with you for advise , what communication channel works the best for you ? [ Skip the question if you would NOT like to be contacted by the readers ]

Harshpal-  Sure, They can contact me via Linkedin. 

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    Very nice , Keep it up . I think with such a brilliant motive, serious & visionary investor has to come your way.

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