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LinkedIn Open For Business – New feature for Freelancers and Business Owners

You sure know that LinkedIn has millions of professionals (over 600 millions , crazy) signed up but did you know that LinkedIn is responsible for  70% to 80% of the B2B leads generated from Social Media ? Generating Business Leads from social media is a dream for every freelancer and LinkedIn has added a new feature that you are going to love. This new feature from LinkedIn is named “LinkedIn Open for Business”. 

This new feature will enable you to showcase the services you provide on your profile, so that you and your business can be found in search on LinkedIn. From there, potential new clients can reach out to you for free — it’s as easy as that.

Looks like this feature was being rolled out in phases around the third quarter this year but this week LinkedIn has globally released the ‘Open for Business’ feature. It’s available on both the mobile version and desktop.


So , how does the LinkedIn Open for Business works and how do I benefit from it as a freelancer ?


The answer is that now you would be available to showcase your services ( like website design , digital marketing , content writing etc ) right on on your LinkedIn profile page.

It takes under 60 seconds to complete the setup. Once you have your offered services listed on your profile , potential employers and businesses can find you and contact you directly.

The best part about the LinkedIn Open for Business feature is that it would allow potential employers to message you directly without using InMail credits , they can message you for free!

Follow these easy steps to setup LinkedIn Open for Business on your profile ,

Step 1  Go to your profile page and click on the ‘Showcase Services’ section right below your profile image


Step 2  Select the business services that you offer using the ‘Business focus’ dropdown

If you are someone who provides a wide range of services , you will have to settle down on only one category as this feature does not allows you to select services from different verticals.



You would also want to check the box that says ‘I’m available to work remotely’ so that your profile has larger visibility. But if you are someone who finds only local freelancing jobs then you can keep the ‘work remotely’ box unchecked.


Step 3  Once you select the ‘Business focus’ category ( I have selected Marketing in my case ) you would see some services added automatically. You can click on ‘Add Service’ if you would like to add more services listed in the category you selected.



That’s really all you needed to do and you are all setup to let the world know that you are open for business.

An additional but optional step is to announce this to your network to start getting eye balls on it already. LinkedIn is all about connecting people so do not shy away from sharing this in your network.


Step 4 ( optional)

LinkedIn would already create a nice post for you , all you have to do is publish on your profile.



Once done , you can go back to your profile page to see the services section added and anyone of LinkedIn would have the visibility to it.

Possibly , the new questions you would ask is

How does LinkedIn Open for Business works for employers ?

On the employer end , LinkedIn has added the ‘Find an Expert’ feature for them to be able to find you and others who provide services that the employer is looking for. The ‘Find an Expert’ feature is likely available on mobile devices only and I was not able to locate it on the desktop version.


This is surely an exciting feature and a big step for LinkedIn to step into freelancing marketplace like platform. This do not directly compete with the freelancing platforms like and but you never know what plans LinkedIn may have for future 🙂

The feature only rolled out this week and is this really going to benefit freelancers and business owners is something we will have to wait and see.

What do you think about the LinkedIn Open for Business feature ? Write your answer in comments.

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