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Look for these type of client’s If you want high value projects

type of clients in freelancing platforms

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Remember, you should look for these type of clients because they wouldn’t mind paying a premium price for on-time delivery and high-quality work.

👉A. Clients that have worked with Freelancers before and have been burnt – killed time and money only to get poor quality work, fake promises and unprofessional handling.

👉B. Enterprise Clients – They have a budget for everything. If you are talking directly to the decision maker, closing the deal would be quick.

👉 C. Clients that have the project close to their heart – These are the clients that have been wanting to see their ideas get to life. They mostly have a day job and pay you with their savings but they can pay well for someone who will put in the time and effort to listen to their ideas and help them through the journey.

The relation you can build up with the type C clients is simply amazing. Most of my clients fall in this category and I really feel motivated and excited to work with them.

type of clients in freelancing platforms

💬What Type of Clients are your favorite?

Wishing you Success with Freelancing ✊

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