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Over-Smart Bidding Strategies Freelancers Use – But You Should NOT!

over smart bidding strategies freelancers use

Imagine, if you wish to collaborate with someone for work and you ask him a question. He willingly wants to work with you but Instead of replying to your query he start giving you facts that are totally pointless. You’ll very well understand that the person wasn’t attentive enough to listen to your question. The same is happening in the freelancing field. 95% of the freelancers never read their prospective client’s project description instead they use their bizarre bidding strategies by just copy pasting their bid proposal.

Think of yourself as a client and feel how frustrating is to read the senseless bids for your project.

If you are active on freelancing websites, you must have seen that few client’s clearly mention — Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi Please Do Not Bid or it might say “Agencies Do Not Bid”

It’s quite a common sense that if client is ready to spend money on his project, he is looking for some genuine person to work with and expects that his freelance bidder must at least learn his project’s requirement. If you fail to meet his expectations and requirements by pasting the generic freelance proposal, you are bound to lose the project. If this continues, there might be a time where no one will be willing to hire Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi freelancers.To save our freelancing future, it’s our duty to bid responsibly, win hearts of our clients regain the fame of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi freelancers.

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So let’s dive into the few examples that will show the irresponsible bidding strategies adopted by freelancers that refrain them from getting client’s project.

Example 1 –

indian pakistani freelancers

So, in this project client has mentioned that he needs to get done with Google Apps API Bootstrap programming. Further he adds that he has added the project details in the attached file. Client is in full swing to make his project happen and awaits for the response by the freelancers .

The Project got 13 bids. That’s interesting.

Hang on! Something more interesting is in there for you. Yes, I’ll be showing you how exactly the 13 bidder’s proposed client.

The Lazy Bidders –


lazy bidders

These are the people who wish to get the project from the client but aren’t ready to drop in a single response for the client. Yes. They left the description blank.

3 out of 13 people didn’t mention anything.

The Inappropriate Ones –

inappropriate bidders

These are the bidders who filled their description but was of no use. Because proposed client with their skills in Php, WordPress, JavaScript which clearly has no connection with the client’s requirement.

9 out of 13 people shared their experience which was irrelevant to client’s project.

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The “Not So” Smart Bidders –

not so smart bidders

Bidder’s are smart people.They tend to use interesting pitch which appeal to client but is again a generic one. As the client read the proposal he is amazed at first as the bidder states that he has read the project details very carefully. But as he reads further, his hopes are shattered as the bidder is bragging about his experience in php, HTML, JavaScript which is futile to the client’s project.

The Relevant Bidder –

relevant bidder

To my surprise,  Only 1 out of 13 people mentioned his skill and experience in Google API.

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Example – 2

example 2

In this project, client is looking for someone who can build his brand new website along with logo, content and help him in administering his website as he has just started his business. It’s a great project and it got 47 bids. Woah.! It would be interesting to see how many relevant bidders we can find here.

The Lazy Bidders –

lazy bidders

1 out of 47 bidders were lazy.

The “Not So” Smart Bidders –

not so smart bidders

1 out of 47 used not-so smart technique to play with the client but it’s irrelevant as he hasn’t specified how he can help him in his business.

It’s NOT recommended to use such tactics and cheat on the customer. You should only mention this if you have sincerely read the description.

The Inappropriate Ones –


43 out of 47 Bidders copy pasted the script. That’s sad but true.

The Relevant Bidder –




2 out of 47 bidders mentioned the client’s requirement And told him how they can help him. Adding a personalized touch help you gain client’s attention gives an idea that you are seriously interested in working for them.

So, It’s clear from the above examples that 95% of the bids are irrelevant to the client which is very disappointing for client as well. Client’s are smart people. Using their sixth sense, clients can distinguish who is good for them and who’s not. Though there might be few client’s who can be trapped by these bidders.

Also, scroll up and take a look at the star rating of irrelevant bidders. They have a good 4 or 5 star rating with good reviews. But i totally refrain myself from doing such types of bids because you can not win the trust of the client like this. A smart client won’t handover his project to a person who didn’t even read his project requirements.

Let’s bid effectively and enhance our reputation in the freelancing community.

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