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8 Productive Workspace for Freelancers

workspace for freelancers

If you want to grow as a freelancer, the first and foremost challenge is to find the right workplace where you can work with full concentration and make best use of your time.

Working in a place where you get distracted easily will result only in wasted hours and efforts.

Make sure, You go for the Workplace that you feel comfortable in, that means comfy chairs, sofas, not-too-high tables and an environment where you can work without distraction.

But different people have different choices and different moods and prefer different working lifestyle.

Some might enjoy working in busy and loud space.

Some might like a quiet space to work in.


Some might like working in the shade of nature

Wherever you choose to work in, make sure you just don’t stick to one place as it will limit your creativity. Try different workspace and see what turns best for you.

To help you find your ideal workplace, here are few options you can choose from.

8 Productive Workspace for Freelancers :

1. Work From Home

work-from-home as a freelancer

If you are into part time freelancing, working from home is the easiest option for you.

What could be better than Working from your comfortable zone after hustling for hours outside.

If you have a big home, you can create a dedicated workspace area, but if you don’t here are other available options –

Bedroom – The most comfortable place to work from.

Drawing Room – If you have kids to look after, you can work in your drawing room and keep an eye on toddlers too.

Terrace – If you’d like to enjoy the soothing weather and work along, terrace is the one for you.

Beware : There are lot of distracting factors when you choose to work from home. Clinging on to watching television, household chores and kids might affect your productivity.

Avoid Staying up late in the night as that would affect your daily routine.

2. Coffee Shop

productive workspace for freelancers - coffee shop

If you aren’t distracted by the ambient sound, Coffee shops can be your go to place.

Coffee Shops have lot of space, comfy chairs and you can enjoy different views by switching your place.

In most cases, they have free WiFi too.

If you plan to work in coffee house, you must make a purchase.

For some it’s worth and for few it’s not. So, that’s your call.

3. Co-Working Space

productive co working space

If you like networking and social interactions, Co-working Space is for You.

Co-working space is a place where you know you’ll get good WiFi, nice air conditioned desk set-up and sometimes food and drinks too.

Usually co-working space is a place full of like minded people. Freelancers, Start-ups, Writers and more.

You may also enjoy weekly seminars, sessions and fun filled outings.

4. Local Library

quite worspace for freelancer - library

Library is full of motivated people with little or no noise.

Library has strict noise rules, So if you like pin drop silence when you work, Library is your place. Some libraries offer free WiFi too.

If you are tired of work, you can always grab a book and enjoy some reading.

But, if you get up to grab something to eat or to get fresh, you’ll find it hard to find a space to sit. So make sure you leave a mark there. Lol.

5. Rent an Office Space

rented office space

If you have a team or have entered into full time freelancing, Working in coffee shops, library or co-working space can become quite difficult.

Then Renting an Office space is the best option for you.

Keep in mind your expenses before renting up your dedicated office space. This must include your travel fares, internet set-up, utilities, electricity bill and much more.

But If you’d like to keep your home and work life separate, no matter how well your home is furnished, renting an office is the ideal option.

6. Park/ Lake side

freelancers can work in park

If you like to work around the nature, You can go to a nearby park or lake and Sit under a shed and work calmly.

Surrounded by beautiful green nature, working under a cool breeze. Woah.

Best part of working in a park/lake side is that there’s no limit of time that you can spend there. It all depends on your laptop’s battery life and weather.

Most Parks won’t have WiFi so Don’t forget to take your Portable WiFi. Even hotspot would work if your smartphone has decent data plan.

7. Friend’s Place

where freelancer can work

If your friend too is a freelancer, Imagine How amazing it would be working together.

It would be similar to work from home but with a  twist.

Call him over your space one day and go to his space the other day. Easy and Convenient.

8. Hotel Room

workplace for freelancers

If you have a major project that requires utter concentration and no disturbance at all, find a cheap hotel room in your city, shut the door and work with focus.

No one will disturb you there.

Ps. – Keep your phone on silent for extra focus.

What is your favorite place to work? I’d love to hear. Comment down below.

Wishing you Success With Freelancing

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