He Started Freelancing at the Age of 16 and Now Owns 2 Online Venture

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Age doesn’t matter when you have the will power to do something big and Sudais, a 17 year old boy is a perfect example for it. Even after Upwork suspended his account, he did not wait for his upwork account approval instead he decided to find work from other freelancing platforms.

Go Ahead and Find Out How Sudais Made Money From Freelancing At the Age of 16 and Now just after 1 year he is the Owner of 2 Online Ventures.

What’s your story? Tell us about yourself.

Sudais – I’m an A Levels student who always wanted to earn money online but always thought of it being something far fetched for the professionals. But slowly after joining Fiverr, I’ve managed to work for clients all over the world including a best selling author if I recall correctly! On the other hand, I invest in cryptocurrencies and run my 2 online ventures, one being a property portal and the other a platform for connecting people with co-working spaces.

How & When did you decide that freelancing was the right career choice for you ?

Sudais – I’m not pursuing it as a career but as a hobby and It’s been 2 years by now that I am doing freelancing. However, I would imagine being involved in it forever even if I have another career because its a useful way to polish up your skills.

Do you see freelancing as an alternative to job or do you see a purpose in it ?

Sudais – I see a purpose in it, for a job it would be great but I’m a long way from that.

How did getting into freelancing change your lifestyle and mindset ?

Sudais – As an O Levels student back then and now an A Levels’ student, it has helped me have a bit more of financial independence than the common student. I used my earned money to invest into cryptocurrencies and now I’m using my freelancing earned money to finance my startups.

What has been Biggest struggle with freelancing so far ? Have there been moments where you started to regret your decision or moments where your found yourself under pressure ( financial / family etc ) to take a U-turn back to join a day job ?

Sudais – When I started off in August 2016, I did not get any orders for 7 months which also got me to give up in between but then on one day, I got a new order of $5 and since then I continued. Not to mentioned that I was banned on Upwork due to having no orders so its definitely difficult for everyone to have a break in Freelancing especially with the saturation in online platform users.

Would you call yourself successful ? What does success really means to you ?

Sudais – I wouldn’t because success with freelancing should at least entail an income amount that would not make you look for other alternatives but it is a fun ride which has given me loads of experience.

How important do you think giving back to the community is ?

Sudais – I think its very important because their was a time when we ourselves were and still are maybe in need of professional advice to kick-start our careers and now that we’re ahead, we should move on to help others. It helps create a culture where people help each other out and then an entire community blooms not to mention the personal branding you get.

What would be your top 3 advise to aspiring freelancers ?

Sudais – 1. Be patient, it took me 7 months to get my first order, it can take you less or longer. Better brush up your skills meanwhile.
2. Gain expertise in a wide array of things because freelancing is being increasingly adopted by people which makes it a very competitive profession.
3. Its very hard to make a full time living freelancing but if you manage to do so, try to scale your business by delegating tasks by building a team around you. In other words, outsource so you make money while sleeping quite frankly. You can’t do everything yourself, learn to be a project manager.

Would you like to share any other instance outside these questions (If we missed anything) ?

Sudais – If you’re 13 years old or 25, doesn’t matter. I started at 16 and you may do so even earlier. With online platforms at your disposal, no one is going to judge you.

If you would like our readers to connect with you for advise , what communication channel works the best for you ?

Sudais – Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or email me at

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