“Why Ravi quit his 8 year long Corporate Career to become a Freelancer”

Freelance Success Stories

This is an inspirational Freelance Success Story of Ravi Makwana who despite all types of financial stress, haven’t seen the job as an alternative and stays determined in his exciting journey of freelancing. By reading this interview you will understand how freelancing is not always about Money, but also the freedom, flexibility and all the advantages that it provides to you.

What’s your story, Ravi? Tell us about yourself.

Ravi –I have total 8 years of working experience. Followed by freelancing for 7 years.  I have been part of many mission-critical projects and worked with good organizations like Microsoft technologies and many more.

My main goal is- Obviously, to provide high-quality services and products to the software clients. But, the concept is, how it could be achieved? Every company, every professional has their own set of “ideal” processes to generate quality. The process acquired are time-tested methods, approved by best-practices in the market. Again, not religiously relying on them, but are modified so as to get maximum value and time-saving.

How & When did you decide that freelancing was the right career choice for you?

Ravi – After 8 years of working in a corporate role for a software development and management company. For almost a decade I was working in a cubicle without knowing what is happening around me and office politics which left me wondering whether or not I was on the right track. Since then I never looked back. This year I will complete my 7 years working as a freelancer and I love the lifestyle and freedom I had.

Do you see freelancing as an alternative to a job or do you see a purpose in it?

Ravi – Purpose of course. Purpose to grow without boundaries. Purpose to break-free of constant nagging of managers and office politics. Free to work on own terms!

How did getting into freelancing change your lifestyle and mindset?

Ravi – Lifestyle is lowered in terms of financial success. But, satisfied with the work and fortunate to have clients who are human and motivates you to every day!

What has been a Biggest struggle with freelancing so far? Have there been moments where you started to regret your decision or moments where you found yourself under pressure ( financial / family etc ) to take a U-turn back to join a day job?

Ravi – Yes, life brings you to the crossroad. You’ve got a family to support, bills to pay and hustling to get clients and ask for timely payments. A geek like me, who was purely technical has to take care of many things at a time. Honestly, I even started giving interviews in a few companies, but as the attempt was half-hearted, so could not succeed. But, it was a passing phase and today I am happy being a freelancer.

Would you call yourself successful? What does success really means to you?

Ravi – No. I will be a fool to call myself successful even after freelancing for 7 years. Because financial confidence requires lot many efforts, decisions, perseverance, management, leveraging etc. and many more.

How important do you think giving back to the community is?

Ravi – Very crucial. I participate in many blogs and community platforms like StackOverflow, Codeproject, etc., answer the questions, write articles, etc.

What would be your top 3 advice to aspiring freelancers?

Ravi – Don’t do it if you are not passionate about it. And don’t do it part-time freelancing, that’s even more dangerous. But, if at all you have to, make sure you have a good network to get the regular clients. Getting clients for freelancers is not that easy. So, be prepared mentally for situations like- no clients, tight contracts, sopped/delayed payment, tight bargaining, abandoned project, rude behaviours, etc. because every client is different but as a freelancer, you have the choice to choose your client and in a job in you don’t.

Would you like to share any other instance outside these questions (If we missed anything) ?

Ravi – My Question would be – “What next after freelancing?” Because I’ve seen people turned their freelancing to successful companies and people got back to regular company jobs. Nobody wants to do freelancing for a lifetime! It’s a mid-stage between a paying job and a full-fledged business.

If you would like our readers to connect with you for advice, what communication channel works the best for you?

Ravi – Would love to talk to people! eMail is preferred. My Email is

We hope that the story of Ravi Makwana helps you to believe that there is no perfect time to start working for yourself and live a life on your own terms.

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