freelancer news on certification exam

Freelancer Exam Terms and Conditions has updated their User Agreement to include Terms and Conditions for Freelancer Exams. These reflect the current policies that they have in place and will help you understand more about how... Read more »
freelance payment Mobile App Integrates Payments

The Freelancer mobile app is the most convenient way for employers to post projects and hire freelancers even on the go. Now, the app has turned into a fully integrated solution for... Read more »
new freelancers

How to Make My Freelance Profile Stand Out Even With No Work History and Zero Reviews

When you bid on a project and the client starts reviewing the bids received on his project , the platform arranges the profiles in a way that the best profiles are placed... Read more »
Freelance Career Mistakes

A Single Mistake Can Put Your Freelancing Career At Stake – See How?

Hard Working People learn from their mistake but Smart Working people learn from others mistake. No one is born perfect and No one is perfect with Freelancing too. Even a single mistake... Read more »
over smart bidding strategies freelancers use

Over-Smart Bidding Strategies Freelancers Use – But You Should NOT!

Imagine, if you wish to collaborate with someone for work and you ask him a question. He willingly wants to work with you but Instead of replying to your query he start... Read more »
Looking to quit your job

Looking to Quit your Job to become a Full Time Freelancer? You need this Advise.

Who doesn’t wants to be his own boss? Decide your own schedule, sign your own paycheck and do what you love doing! That’s just a small list of the benefits and excitement... Read more »
Discover 5 Freelance Projects to Avoid in Your Freelancing Career

5 Types of Freelance Projects to Avoid in Your Freelancing Career

If you are planning to launch your Freelancing Career, let me tell you Freelancing is a very exciting career path and has lots of great benefits associated with it, my favorite one... Read more »
power of milestone payments in freelancing

What is Milestone Payments in Freelancer?

Have you heard about Freelancer Milestone Payment? Freelancers who have been in this niche for quite a long time might be familiar with it but if you are new to the freelancing... Read more »