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With the ‘Power of Freelancing’ it takes just 1 year to Change Your Life !!! Would you like to be your own Boss and Do what you love doing?

This is What YOU NEED

  1. A skill that has Demand in Market.
  2. Professional Communication.
  3. Access to the internet.
  4. Passion and Dedication towards work.

I will help you Build a Successful Freelancing Career. Are you ready?

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This Premium Program is Not For Everyone.

It is for people who are Serious about the Results and can put in the Hard Work.

This Course is for You:

If You Believe In Yourself

✓ If You Want To Take Control of Your Life

✓ If You Want to be Your Own Boss

✓ If You Are 100% Committed to Convert Your Passion Into Money Making Profession

✓ If You Are Willing to Invest Your Time, Money and Effort Before getting Results

This Course is Not for You:

✗ If You Want to Live an Easy Life.

✗ If You Believe in Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

✗ If You Have Unclear Vision and You are Doubtful of Your Decisions

✗ If you Are Not Serious About the Results

✗ If You think You can Make Money With No Investment

Meet Your Coach


…and I’ve been exactly where you are right now.
After spending 8 good years working with the Top IT companies like Accenture and British Telecom, I realized I need to quit and get started with something that I love.
And that is How I Started My Freelancing Journey. It was a roller coaster ride ( well , it still is lol ) but after successfully overcoming the freelancing challenges, this year, I’m on a mission to assist at least 1000 freelancers, coach them and help overcome the struggle.
Are you ready to commit 100% to your success?

Let’s get you started and make 2018 an amazing year for your Freelancing Career!

‘Kiss Success With Freelancing’ Course Curriculum

Let’s review the modules designed to help you kick start your freelancing career and start living a life on your terms.

$$$ Learn How to Be a Successful Freelancer $$$

Freelancing Course
1 Video
1 hour

Module 1

This top unique strategy will help keep your mind clear at all times and you would be able to take the best decisions. The strategy would allow you to look a situation or an event from a different perspective so that you don't react to it like an average person would.

Best Freelancing Course
3 Videos
2 hours

Module 2

Before getting into advanced topics, it's important that you understand what Freelancing is all about. Learn the good, bad and ugly about this lucrative career path. Watch stories of real freelancers that will help you avoid the mistakes that they did.

Freelance Training Course
1 Video
1 hour

Module 3

With great power, comes great responsibility. Freelancing would require you to play multiple roles that you do not experience when you are in the college or in a 9 to 5 Job. Learn what kind of roles you would play and when it gets overwhelming how you can still effectively manage the roles.

Best Freelancing Course
4 Videos

Module 4

You may be good at what you do but now it's important for you to step up on skills as you would be playing multiple roles. Learn what skills you would need to be a successful freelancer and how to acquire these skills.

Best Freelancing Training
5 Videos
2 hours

Module 5

Thanks to technology, executing and managing important tasks is easier and effective. Learn the must have tools kits and how to benefit using these tools. This module is bundled with both free and paid tools that you can choose from to make your life hassle free.

Freelance training online
4 Videos
2 hours

Module 6

Internet is a never ending space so don't feel lost as you really need to quick and focussed. Learn How to find work on and off the internet for your freelancing career. Regular workflow is key to keep yourself in the game.

Freelance Bidding Course
4 Videos
2 hours

Module 7

Your mindset would decide how far you would go in your freelancing career. Have you heard about freelancers who really make good money ? Well , they are not only good at what they do but they also train their mindset so that they may continue growing.

Online Bidding Course
5 Videos
2 hours

Module 8

Your proposal/bid is the most important part of your freelancing career and this is why most of the freelancers fail or give up. Learn how to write bids that win you projects. This is really an art so you would get better with practice and time.

Freelancer Training Course
2 Videos
1 hour

Module 9

Your proposal writing strategies would start getting client responses sooner or later and now the is the real critical part – winning the client confidence so that he can award you the project. He would surely be interviewing several others but I will tell you how you can stand out.

online bidding training
4 Videos
2 hours

Module 10

Once the project is awarded, it's time for you to demonstrate your capabilities and fulfill the promises made during the client interview and deliver the work in high quality. Learn how to execute work like a pro and earn a 5 star rating every time.

Upwork Bidding
4 Videos
2 hours

Module 11

Live session where I will take real examples of the high values projects that I've closed and explain you the exact art of winning the projects. This is a practical usage of the module 'Write Winning Proposals' where you would learn a great deal and become confident.

upwork proposal
5 Videos
5 hours

Module 12

Your freelancing business means nothing without Clients so it's of great importance that you not only handle the clients effectively but also build a strong relation with them. Learn how to leave an impression on clients so that they always return to you for more work.

Bidding Proposal Sample
2 Videos
1 hour

Module 13

Thinking short term and living in the present isn't good when it comes to Freelancing. Learn how to mitigate the unfortunate events (example, your profile suspended from the platform) that are beyond your control.

Best Freelancing Course
2 Videos
1 hour

Module 14

Every Individual Freelancer hits a point in his/her career when the further growth is not possible. That's exactly where you need to start expanding. Learn how to identify when and how you should start expanding and see more growth.

Freelancer Training
2 Videos
1 hour

Module 15

You have heard a lot of success talks from me. For the first time, I will be sharing my failures and Mistakes and how I used it to be stronger and better. Learn from the mistakes I did so that you don't fall into it and delay your success.

freelance proposal example
3 Videos
1 hour

Module 16

Freelancing is one area where you need to know more of what not to do than what need be done. Funny but serious – I will tell you top mistakes that kill freelancing career so that your freelancing career is not hurt due to the lack of this knowledge.

how to win bids on freelancer
1 Videos
1 hour

Module 17

The final module of the 'Kiss Success With Freelancing' program and the first real life module for you to go with full force and work your way to success with freelancing. Remember, it's not over until You Win. Go, Kiss Success!

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