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Top Freelancing Updates From 2019

Freelancing Updates

If trends are to be believed the future of freelancing in India looks vibrant. As the year comes to an end, we take a look at the top updates in the Indian freelancing industry🗺️.

  1. The Indian Freelance industry estimated to grow from $20 to $30 billion by 2025🗒️

As on November 2019, there are more than 1500 profiles of work that freelancers stand by for their online work. The metrics are expected to increase in the coming year as the younger crowd moves towards the gig industry. Field profiles like Journalists, Sales, Event Managers, etc are choosing to move out of full-time work and opting for freelance industry.

  1. 30% of professionals in developed markets to engage in Freelancing or Gig economy📊

Candidates will pick up gigs in India increasingly over the next few years not just due to unemployment, but also due to the accompanying benefits💸.

  1. IT sector continues as the largest employer of Freelancers👨‍💻

A major percentage of HR professionals think that IT and tech sectors are yet again the largest employer of freelancers. Media and communication industry follows and stirs ahead of the Events sector.

  1. TapChief, a top-notch Freelance platform in India secures early-stage funding💰

Backed by PayTM’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma, TapChief which connects around 75,000 freelance professionals in India and abroad, secured $650,000 from early-stage funds like 500 start-ups, and angel investors like Cred Founder Kunal Shah, former Flipkart executive Mekin Maheshwari. TapChief started operations in 2016, and changed from a consumer-centric approach to business centric within a year🗒️.

  1. Government to offer more freelancing opportunities under Digital India🇮🇳

The govt had launched a Digital India Platform in the year 2015 to promote freelancing opportunities amongst individuals holding a govt recognised identity proof. This year they have been promoting freelancing under DIP to bring into notice different languages one can use on this platform🛤️.

  1. Blockchain Start-ups face skill shortage, opted for Freelancers instead👨‍💻

While India has 1500-2000 blockchain professionals, only 200-400 of them are skilled in core architecture, experts suggested during the start of the year 2019. It’s easy to get someone who can build smart contracts, but to find someone who can build from scratch is where the real issue is.

  1. Start-ups driving the growth of Freelancing in India during year 2019-2020🗒️🗓️

India has the third highest number of start-ups. It was deduced that the start-ups are looking forward to working with freelancers rather than hiring full-timers to make the work less risky and cut company costs. The demand for freelancers in UI/UX, digital marketing, and artificial intelligence has seen constant growth this year, and continues to grow similarly📈.

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