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Unusual Ways of Finding Freelance Work Online

How to find freelance jobs

Finding Freelance Work is often most difficult part of freelancing especially for the freelancers who are new and have no idea what to do, from where to start, how to write bid proposals, what to offer to client and for what price.

Even experienced freelancers, at some point of freelancing, face this issue.

With growing competition in freelancing, it would become more difficult to find freelance work.

Usually, freelancers sign up on freelancing websites, to reach out to the clients who are looking for their services.

But what if I tell you, You can find Freelance Work outside of Freelancing Platforms?

Yes, You definitely can.

Your clients are everywhere. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open to grab the opportunity.

So, here are 3 Unusual Ways of Finding Freelance Work

1. Reference

Freelance work thorugh reference

One of the easiest way to find freelance work is through reference. You can ask your friends and relatives to refer you and in return you can give them a small commission (if they ask for).

Not to forget, your clients can be a great source of referral as well. If your client had great experience with you and loved your work, he is most likely to refer you to his friends and relatives.

2. Social Media

Freelance work on social media

Social Media is another amazing source to find freelance work which allows you to advertise for free.

Facebook –

Facebook is a vast community with billions of people on board. You can join various facebook groups and sell your services to large no. of group members.

With Facebook ‘search’, You can reach out to people who are looking for the services you offer. Facebook offers you to filter out your search based on location, date, people, posts, pages, groups and more.

Linkedin –

Linkedin allows you to connect with professionals around the world.

You can leverage your Linkedin profile by adding your skills, making connections and reaching out to them.

You can connect with sole proprietor who are looking for outsource their workload.

Linkedin Groups are not as effective as compare to facebook but some people do post their job requirement in linked groups.

Twitter –

Twitter is an another social media platform to where you can reach out to your potential customer.

Hack: In the twitter search, write “Looking for [Service You Offer]” and you see the list of people who are looking for freelancer for that service.

Promote your services with right hashtags in the profile description which enables your potential clients to find you easily.

Ps – Don’t send spam or advertise abruptly else they will block you straight away.

3. Classified Websites

How to get freelance jobs

If you are a digital marketer or know bit about SEO, you’ll be well versed with what are classified websites and how you can advertise your services there.

But if you aren’t one, No worry.

Advertising on classified websites is almost similar to advertising on social media.

There are hundreds of classified websites on internet.

You can choose from local classified websites if you want to work for local clients or global classified websites if you want to work for overseas clients.

Some of the classified websites are – OLX, Craigslist, Adpost, Locanto.

Tip – If you don’t want to invest a penny on advertising, advertise your services using free plan on classified websites.

Also, make sure you post in the right category and subcategory else your advertisement wouldn’t get noticed by right audience.

If you already have ongoing projects and still need more clients but not sufficient time for advertising or bidding, then spending 30 minutes or 60 minutes on these channels is a good.

If you are a new freelancer and desperately need clients, spend 2-3 hours daily advertising your services to the right audience.

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