New Upwork Desktop App Update provide you more Options to track Billable Time

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Have you updated the Upwork Desktop App yet? Now with new Upwork desktop app update it is easy to collaborate with clients and qualify for the Hourly Payment Protection program. The most recent rollout (version FE1834) provides the Current Session timer as well as the ability to monitor your billable time in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

The Work Diary also underpins Upwork’s Payment Protection if you or your client need proof of activity to ensure proper payment.

Quickly keep track of your billable time

Upwork New Desktop App Update

In the latest app update, you’ll find(Below content if from Upwork Blog):

Current Session: The main view when you’re tracking time. This is a stopwatch that increases by the minute while it’s running to help you time your current stretch of billable time.

Today, displayed in UTC or local time: A current count of the time you’ve billed on this calendar day. Time billed today uses your local timezone by default, but you can also toggle the display to UTC by customizing time zones under Settings. This view is displayed in 10-minute increments.

This Week: Shown only in UTC, the global standard time that sets the weekly billing cycle on Upwork, this view shows the total number of billable hours you’ve tracked so far this week. This view is also displayed in 10-minute increments.

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