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Use of HUMOR is an effective way to grab the ATTENTION of Client

Freelance humor

Humor is a great communication tool. 😄

I’m totally against the routine and boring ways to bid on projects. The one that starts with “Dear Sir/Madam..” and ends in “if given a chance , I can prove my skills and build you a rocket’

I find opportunities to use humor and parcel it with my bid and the turn around rate is significantly high in such cases.
I don’t have the exact numbers but should be between 60%-70% which is great. if 6 to 7 ( of 10 ) bids are responded that are a lot of leads to follow and close 😍

Here is a latest instance of where I used a little humor in my bid and was instantly contacted by the employer and looks like I’ll be hired today for the job.

The employer here is a Numerologist ; sense the humor in the first line of my bid 🙃

There are literally dozens of simple strategies to have the employer’s attention , make an impression and win projects like a cake walk.💁‍♂️

Freelance humor


Wishing you success with freelancing 

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