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What kind of Project you prefer $10 x 500 or 2 x $2500?

Project Budget Volume

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Remember, the PROJECT BUDGET has nothing to do with the PROFITABILITY.

A $5k project may end up in a loss for you – say if you estimated it as a 1-month job and then ended up spending 3 months on it. Will be sharing real examples soon.

On the other hand, a $300 website executed and delivered in 2 days can be more profitable for you.

Both the types of projects have its own advantages and disadvantages that I will cover in much detail over a blog post soon.

What’s important is to,

👉Be 100% clear with the scope of the project.
👉Always set the expectations right with the Client. Call out loud what you CANNOT do or would need to be scooped separately.
👉ACCEPT a project ONLY when you ( or your team) has the skills to complete that job on-time and high quality.
👉Do not hesitate to GIVE UP a high valued project that doesn’t feel the right fit for you or may end up in a loss for you.
👉Invest the time and energy needed to discuss the project with the client, follow-ups or a proposal walk through a meeting.

What do you think about this post?
Would you prefer a $5k project for a 45 days timeline
10 x $500 projects for the same timeline?
Please express your views below in the comment section.

Project Budget Volume

Wishing you all Success with Freelancing 

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