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What you see is NOT what you get

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It’s very easy to fake your personality online. But a real professional is not just professional during the working hours, it’s a quality deep inside you.

Found this in one the other groups, where a prospect was insulted by a Freelancer just because the prospect was taking time to go through the profiles and the freelancer lost his temper. Whatever the reason may be , this is completely unacceptable.🔥🔥

👉DO NOT take things personally in a profession – your patience and ability to handle pressure situations will decide how successful you would be.

We all lose our cool under pressure situations like Fear, Tension, Financial Crisis etc – but the trick is to maintain your cool.

Take control over your mind and not the other way around.
You are here for the LONG GAME 🤹

Let’s take a pledge to be Courteous and Professional at all times 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Do you think what this Freelancer did can be justified? Share your opinion.

Wishing you Success with Freelancing 

Optimised Freelancer.com Profiles


effects of client abuse


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