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Why you should not follow “Interested” Strategy?

Interested comment strategy

#LawofCompetition – Every “Interested” from a freelancer has an equal and opposite “Not Interested” from the employer. 🔥

A $300 project and a $10k project have something in common – The employer is looking out for the best talent for his next project. Someone who can add value to the project and the business. Someone who understands what it takes to execute and deliver a project successfully in high quality and on-time.

Responding to opportunities in a single word “Interested” is the worst we could do because all you get is a single shot. Come on, it’s competitive till the throat so give out more – respond to opportunities in a way that gets your attention.

I watch people responding to work opportunities all day long saying “Interested” and I really feel that’s so incorrect. You would really be lucky if saying “Interested” is landing you high ticket clients.🤔

I mean no offense to anyone who follows the “Interested” strategy. My advise is for freelancers who are struggling meeting their financial goals and for the newly starting freelancers.

Interested comment strategy

👉What do you think about this tip? Are you going to follow the “Interested” strategy or would you strive to do better?
Please write your thoughts in the comment section.

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