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Learn How YouTube Can Help In Winning More Projects On Upwork and Freelancer

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Believe it, running a You Tube channel can help you in winning projects on Upwork and Freelancer.

I started my You Tube channel last year, have just a few videos on the channel and I totally hate myself for not producing and publishing more content online.
Nevertheless, If you happen to visit my You Tube channel , please do subscribe because if you are a newly started freelancer or someone that needs help in winning big ticket clients then there is a lot of content coming soon there and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Subscribe now 🙂

Okay , so this is why I think my ‘not so famous‘ YouTube channel helped me in ways that I did not anticipated.

Oh wait , let’s TAKE A STEP BACK and don’t hate me for this because I keep taking you back instead of forward you may think – but I’m sure some of you know why taking a step back helps taking you many forward steps to come.

Let me ask you this – What is your biggest fear when talking to a totally random stranger online ?
If you are able to think of more than one that’s brilliant but I really hope your thoughts are around the biggest fear of “Is he/she even real ?”

Well, things are no different on freelancing platforms like or
Especially for the new freelancers because their is no work history or testimonials to support the fact that the freelancer is a real, skilled human and not someone fake who created a profile to rob people off their money.

When employers contact you after reading your project bid, you are a total stranger to them. They don’t know if you exist for real 🙂

And they really care and deserve to know that you are a real freelancer because the employer is there to pay someone for his services. Place yourself in the employer’s shoes for a moment and think would you not have the same fear if you are talking to someone on the other side of the planet and there is real money involved in the transaction.

I have personally found that sharing your YouTube channel link helps break this fear barrier quickly. As soon as the client sees your face on the You Tube channel he knows you exist for real.
If your You Tube channel has a purpose, make sure to inform that to your client as well – this will help in good rapport building. My You Tube channel ‘Success With Freelancing’ is focused on helping freelancers and small web development companies in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and I have found prospects appreciating the fact that I’m trying to share my knowledge and it also opens us room for more conversation. Once you’ve spent 15-20 minutes on chat, you should be close to win the project. Big budget projects or complex projects would obviously take more time to close the deal – a day , week or maybe a month as well.

I have maybe shared my You Tube channel link with 10 of my prospects in the past 2 months and out of which 7 of them were converted. Now see the You Tube channel alone would not get you the project – hope you understand this already 🙂
But the You Tube channel would definitely speed up the process of breaking the fear barrier and establishing quick rapport. Once you have this done, you are already ahead of the others the client might have been interviewing and you have an amazing opportunity to win your next project.

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Wishing you Success With Freelancing.

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  1. Ashish Arora 3 years ago

    I absolutely agree that Youtube channel brings in more clients.
    I also have my youtube channel “”

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